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The Aquarium that Requires no Water Changes

Biospheres…..Bringing Nature into Your Home…

A Reef and Rainforest….Herb or Crystal Garden!! 

“Finally!!, an Aquarium That Never Needs Water Changes….The Fish Feed the Plants, and the Plants Clean the Water !!”

“Welcome to an amazing concept called Aquaponics!!. Put simply, aquaponics is combining fish and plants together. This partnership benefits both fish and plants, and results in a low maintenance aquarium and fern garden. You get to choose what plants or fish you want to keep…do you want a tropical fish or a gold fish….herb or fern garden?. Our rainforest species are all natives and include some amazing ferns and fern allies (club mosses etc). Only an inspired biologist who has spent decades playing with aquariums, hydroponics, aquaponics, plant nursery and biological systems could come up with something that is not just low maintenance system but also also looks great.

If you Love Nature, you will love having this Video!! 

Warning!! this feature can be Mesmerizing….Whether your staring at it on your desk at work, or holding a coffee waking up in the morning….its not hard not to be transported to a more relaxing world…

Imagine a soft bubbling spring flowing over a fern meadow….  trickling down onto on a green carpet of native violet flowers and bright green foliage. Eventually it flows to the pool below  adding thousands of tiny bubbles… where a crayfish or tropical fish are lurking in their cave…. 

The dappled light throws a rainbow onto your kitchen splash back, and water reflections cover your benchtop….  and at night the LED light and remote transform this feature into a glowing lantern….Go to sleep with the images of rippling water and the silhouette of ferns and fish on your ceiling.

“So Much in One Compact and Easy to Keep Feature! “

 How Does Aquaponics Work?

So how is it possible to grow healthy herbs or ferns and keep fish with no cleaning or water changes?

Aquaponics is a process nature has been using for millions of years. When water flows over rocks and gravel of a fast flowing rapid, it adds oxygen which bacteria use to convert fish waste into healthy plant food. This process filters the water and provides optimal growing conditions for both fish and plants.

Our Aqua-Ecosystem Features work in exactly the same way. Water is pumped from the bowl below to the top of the feature, where it flows over hundreds of clay balls which house bacteria that convert fish waste (Ammonia) into safe plant food (Nitrates).

How can the “Bio Work Crew” Help me Remove Algae and Feed my Fish? 

We are strong believers in utilizing nature to do the hard work for you. Above we have already explained how the plants clean the water and fish fertilize the plants. Equally amazing are “Mystery Snails” and “Bristle nose catfish” that remove the algae from the glass bowl.

We also recommend you purchase a “Java Moss Ball” which is a ball of moss that fish eat on a regular basis. It also has an added advantage of removing fish waste from the water,  and providing a continuously supply of fresh vegies for your fish.

What is Left to do if There is no Cleaning or Water Changes?


No much really!! Just a few minutes maintenance per month is all that is required. Most of the jobs outlined below take less than 30 seconds to do.

  • Topping up water occasionally
  • Feeding of fish or crayfish every few days. (Great job for the kids).
  • A quick rinse under the tap of the filter pads and outlet pipe, once very few weeks.
  • For best results we recommend spraying plants with a liquid fertilizer once very 6 months (optional).

That’s it… nature looks after the water quality and cleaning all by itself!!  Kids and adults alike will love having a creek and fern garden on your kitchen bench or in your home.

Other Benefits

  • Plants are known to filter and improve air quality. In addition, the flowing water over clay balls collects dust and other impurities which is processed by the bacteria… which further improve air quality.
  • Kids love to have a pet, a waterfall or a fairy garden. Having them feed the fish or crayfish will not only give them a low maintenance pet, but will give them a sense of responsibility.
  • The visual effects of a rocky aquarium and a fern garden will create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

 Common Questions

What if I don’t know anything about keeping plants or fish?

Aquaponics requires very little maintenance and the natural processes looks after the water quality for you. We provide you will videos or verbal advice on how to optimize the health of your fish or plants.

Does it make any sound?

By adjusting the height of the water in the bowl you can make it silent or have the sound of small creek.  The choice is yours. Pumps are silent. 

Is it safe to eat the vegies or herbs?

Fish waste is converted into a safe plant food that grows very healthy vegies as they have regular fertilizing and plenty of water. As with all vegetables from a garden or Aquaponics, they must be washed before eating.

Are there any special requirements a Biosphere need?

As plants remove the waste from fish, A biosphere will need light near a window. If you choose to keep a rainforest garden it will need a minimum of half an hour direct light or hour strong diffuse light per day. Herbs need at least  2 hours direct light. Access to power for the pump is also required.

How much does it cost to run?

The features have a very small low voltage pump which is very efficient. It will typically cost $1 (Aust) per year to run. Given a hydroponic lettuce or herb bunch is around $4 you will be well ahead.

What type and how many fish can I keep?

You can keep any small fish you wish. Fish such as Goldfish or fish from a local creek won’t need a heater. Tropical species however will need a fighting fish pad heater (which sits under the bowl) in cooler months. 

The amount of fish will depend on which size biosphere you purchase and we provide advice of stocking rates in our setup and maintenance videos. You can keep a crayfish on its own, however if they are kept with fish they will eat them over time.  If you want fish and crayfish we recommend you catch wild non native guppies and add them to the bowl. Wild caught fish are far more predator savvy than store bought fish and last much longer. 

What are the rock potts made from.

The plants are growing out of pots which have an imitated rock coating that is food grade safe. They are porous (seeps water) and ferns and mosses will eventually grow all over them. They are Individual pots so they can be conveniently moved around and planted with a single plant type.

Do plants grow in soil or Aquaponic media?

Plants in a Biosphere do not grow in soil. We use expanded clay balls which is a quality aquaponic media which lasts for many years and looks good.

How do I feed the fish?

We have added a feeding hole in the top tray (with a glass flat rock door) so all you need to do is add a small pinch of fish food once every few days.

How do I convert my Biopshere into a Lantern?

You can purchase a LED light with remote in our shopping cart. The LED light is placed into the bowl and turned on and off, with the remote. Multiple color options means you can make a disco in your own home. Light shines from the bottom of the bowl upwards creating a silhouette of the fish and ferns on the roof…really relaxing which helps kids and adults alike going to sleep. 

What if I have a question or a problem?

We include written and video set up instructions to help you set up and maintain your feature. If however you have any questions just call or email me for advice.

Our Guarantee

We have a 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


Click  Here to view Prices and more information on what is included when you purchase a Biosphere.There are Small (28cm diameter bowl, 10L), Medium (34cm, 20L) and Large (45cm, 40L) Biospheres to suite any bench, desk or room. Biospheres include all components to get started straight away including: filtration, water conditioners, gravel and substrates. Plant packs and accessories are also available so all you need to do is buy the fish.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions or queries about Biospheres please do not hesitate to contact me at I can answer a question you may have. (Contact Details below)



Glenn Kvassay, BAppSc

0417 729 509 (AU)


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