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What am I??…
A Reef…..Rainforest…Herb, Crystal or Fairy Garden…. an Aquarium ? 

Welcome to an amazing concept called Aquaponics!! Put simply, aquaponics is combining fish and plants together. The fish feed the plants, and the plants clean the water. Best of all it is very low maintenance and productive…no cleaning… no water changes!!



If you Love Nature, you have to Watch this video!!

Imagine a soft bubbling spring flowing water over your rock fern feature… tumbling down until is lands on a green carpet of bright native violet flowers… which eventually trickles down into a rocky water pool below with a crayfish and fish lurking in his rocky cave…

The water is filled with thousands of tinny bubbles…The dappled light throws a rainbow onto your kitchen splashback….and at night the LED light and remote transform this feature into a glowing lantern….Go to sleep with the images of rippling water and the silhouette of ferns and fish on your ceiling. 

 Warning!! this feature can be Mesmerizing….Whether your staring at it on your desk at work, or holding a coffee waking up in the morning….its not hard not to be transported to a more relaxing world…




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