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Breeding Cockroaches for Bearded Dragons is something that you can quite easily do from home.

Everyone has scrap veggies, so using these and new low maintenance cockroach breeding methods can save you the equivalent of $1,400 if you were to buy store bought live food.

Cockroaches are a favorite food for bearded dragons, who readily demolish a handful in seconds.

Why do so many people buy cockroaches rather than breeding them … More importantly how can you stop throwing away thousands of dollars!

The reason for this is simple…cockroaches are easy to breed, however they can be hard work using conventional methods.

For instance there is the regular cleaning, smells and many people struggle managing escapes.

Well not any more … new low maintenance breeding methods means you can feed 4-12 bearded dragons (depending of feeding regime) with less time and effort as standing in line at your pet store.

You may be surprised to learn the that the average 2 child family can make $1400 worth of cockroaches (or crickets) from their scrap vegetables, and with much less time and effort than using conventional methods.

Breeding your own Cockroaches will save you around $1000 a year for every bearded dragon you own…and they live for decades.

And it’s not as hard or messy as you may think. So how do these new methods make it much easier?

To learn more about these new Cockroach Breeding Methods visit our “Advanced Cockroach Breeding Methods” page.


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