Biosphere Questions

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Bringing Nature into Your Home… Introducing “Aqua Ecosystems” Common Questions Q1- What if I don’t know anything about keeping plants or fish? A1- Aquaponics requires very little maintenance and the natural processes looks after the water quality for you. We provide you will videos or verbal advice on how to optimize the health of your fish Read More

Aquaponic Features

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The Aquarium that Requires no Water Changes Biospheres…..Bringing Nature into Your Home… A Reef and Rainforest….Herb or Crystal Garden!!  “Finally!!, an Aquarium That Never Needs Water Changes….The Fish Feed the Plants, and the Plants Clean the Water !!” “Welcome to an amazing concept called Aquaponics!!. Put simply, aquaponics is combining fish and plants together. This Read More

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Aquaponic Bowl Feature Setup and Care Below are videos to help you set up your feature, and subsequent Care and Maintenance tips. Having a basic understanding of how your feature works and how to keep in in optimal condition will ensure your plants and fish are kept healthy. It is strongly recommended you watch the Read More


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What am I??… A Reef…..Rainforest…Herb, Crystal or Fairy Garden…. an Aquarium ?  Welcome to an amazing concept called Aquaponics!! Put simply, aquaponics is combining fish and plants together. The fish feed the plants, and the plants clean the water. Best of all it is very low maintenance and productive…no cleaning… no water changes!!     Read More