Want to Start an Insect Breeding Business but Don’t know Where to Start?

At WildlifeHub we have been breeding insects and training people for 14 years. We offer both “one on one consultancy” advice or “Partnership arrangements” for people and businesses who wish to breed Crickets, Woodies (cockroaches) or mealworms.

We can help you get the answers you need to determine the feasibility of an insect breeding business, and specific techniques to breed them. We respect everyone’s right to confidentiality and all information discussed stays confidential.

1) Partnership Arrangement

A partnership arrangement is a mutually sharing arrangement ourselves and a partner for a insect project. where I provide advice and assistance in setting up a insect farm free of charge, and the partner provides their production rates, expenses, income and learning information for a negotiated period (usually 12 months). In this way the partner gets free advice to get them to the next step, and we get further information about he economics of insect businesses and their learnings.  We can only take a few projects at the one time so we may not be able to do partnerships in all cases.

2) Consultancy 

Our rates are $25 (US) per 15 minute block. Sessions are usually by videos link using Skype, Facetime or Facebook live feeds.

So that you get the most out of the session we recommend you send us an email prior to the session which outlines the following:

  • What type of insect you propose to breed; and scale of operation.
  • What clients do you propose to target
  • How you propose to grow the insects (i.e. in containers or open netted enclosures)
  • What problems you have encountered or problems you anticipate.
  • If you have previous experience, what this involved.
  • What specific questions do you want answered.

If you haven’ already, you may want to look through the articles in the Commercial Section which will give you some information on markets, common mistakes and production rates.

If you know for certain which species you will be breeding we recommend you purchase the book (Cricket Breeding manual or Cockroach Breeding Manual) prior to the session. This will enable you to ask targeted questions that arise from looking through the photos and text and reduce the time you need for a session.


We can only undertake a few projects at one time, so it may not always be possible to accept new partnership arrangements at all times.

Our experience relates to breeding European house cricket, (Acheta domestica) and Speckled or Lobster Cockroaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) and mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) using container and lid systems.

As each project is very unique (breeding method, expenses, climate, operator skill level and markets) we only provide general advice based on what we achieved using our methods and setup. It will then be up to you to use this information and apply it to your unique setup.

To contact us for further details on a partnership arrangement or a consultancy session please email us at info@wildlifehub.com.