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Breeding Crickets FAQsWhen we attend reptile shows or do training sessions for breeding feeder insects, we get asked a lot of questions.

Here are the most common problems and questions people ask about cricket breeding and links to articles which will help get you started and get you back on track:

Cricket Breeding Problems

Which cricket breeding method should I choose?
Why can’t I breed crickets successfully?
Why are my crickets eating each other? (see husbandry section)
Why are my crickets dying?
Should I breed crickets or cockroaches or both?


How do I breed crickets using low maintenance methods?
Breeding crickets can be hard work…is there an easier way?


Why do crickets smell?
How do I stop crickets from Smelling?

Making money

Can I make money from breeding crickets?
How many crickets can I produce?

Feeding Bearded Dragons

How often should I feed by bearded dragon feeder insects?
How do I provide a balanced diet for my bearded dragon?

General questions

How do I transport my crickets?

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