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So you have crickets in your house and you want to know how to remove them?

The good news is that crickets have a short life cycle and require a damp moist substrate to reproduce and lay eggs. Most houses with good plumbing don’t provide these conditions so most crickets will die after 2 months (or less) and are unlikely to come back.

If however there is a moist area such as leaking water pipes in a kitchen or bathroom (i.e. wet chipboard), this may be a potential breeding ground for not just crickets, but also cockroaches. As cricket eggs do better in warm conditions, the breeding season is typically in the warmer months of the year.

So how do you remove crickets that have established in the house?

• Remove the moisture or heat source (i.e. repair a broken pipe)

• Place cockroach sticky boards near where they are living and place a carrot in the middle. The crickets will try to eat the carrot and get stuck on the boards.

• If unsuccessful, you may need to hire a professional pest removal company.

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