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Getting conditions right to stop crickets from eating each other

It can be very frustrating to see your crickets eating each other, especially when you paid so much money for them. Luckily stopping it is easy when you understand what is going on.

How to Stop Crickets Eating Each OtherBelow we discuss the four most common reasons crickets eat each other and what can be done to correct the problem. Remember no matter what you do, change only one thing at a time, so you know what worked.

1) Insufficient Food and Water
2) Poor Food Quality
3) Insufficient Cover
4) Choosing the Right Cricket Breeding Method (see below)

Choosing the Right Cricket Breeding Method

One aspect which is often over looked when it comes to cannibalism is choosing the right cricket breeding method. Conventional methods of breeding crickets make it difficult to maintain; correct humidity; temperatures; a constant food and water supply and cleaning over the long term. This means that when you get tired of actively managing the system, they will start to eat each other.

New low maintenance methods now available which makes keeping the right conditions over the long term with minimal effort. This increases both consistency and productivity. This is achieved with automated cleaning and feeding systems and a design which provides structures to protect small crickets from the adults.

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