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Breeding Crickets Does Produce Smells So How Do You Stop Crickets Smelling

How To Stop Crickets SmellingAt WildlifeHub we started with the methods described above and quickly learnt how messy, smelly and time consuming they can be.

We have spent over 11 years producing feeder insects to pet stores, wildlife parks and the general public, so we have learnt a few things about preventing smells and reducing maintenance.

Constant cleaning and maintenance is the number one reason why people give up breeding crickets. But there is an alternative…

A new method called the “Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System” has a number of advantages over traditional techniques. It separates poo and moisture so they don’t make contact with each other (the source of fermentation), and makes the removal of the poo extremely easy.

Here is a summary of how the Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System works.

There are two separate zones within a single container; one high humidity area ideal for breeding; and a lower humidity area which is ideal for housing and food/water. It also has a unique detritus collection system which collects the waste and prevents the poo from making contact with wet sources such as breeding substrate and food areas.

This makes cleaning a breeze (tap and lift out), eliminates odors (no fermentation) and disease; increases egg viability and significantly increases cricket production. Automated water and food dispersers feed the insects on demand so you don’t have to add wet food as often which further reduces smells as there is less fermentation of fruits. The other advantage is that unlike conventional techniques which need to be actively managed (daily spraying, and moving pinheads to new containers) this systems run itself. So less cleaning and maintenance and no smells.

Did you also know that the design and layout of your breeding container also plays and important role in odor production?

If you want more information on how these methods work, visit our “How to Start Breeding Crickets” Wild Life How To



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