Insects Breeding Combo Deal (Cricket and Cockroaches Breeding Guides)- Paperback Version




Insects Breeding Combo Deal (Cricket and Cockroaches Breeding Guides)- Paperback

Breeding Crickets and Cockroaches uses very similar materials and components…so why not breed both. This great value combo pack will give you all the shortcuts you need to successfully breed both species with tried and tested methods.

The cricket breeding guide contains more than 165 pages (with over 240 photos, diagrams and tables) in conjunction with “Step by Step” instructions showing you how to do everything clearly. The cockroach breeding manual contains more than 100 pages (with over 145 photos, diagrams and tables). This comprehensive insect breeding series has overhauled every aspect of cricket and cockroach production, including:

• Container design
• Breeding
• Food and water requirements
• Making food and water dispensers
• Heating/storage
• Maintenance/pest management, cleaning
• Grading/selling

Many people breed cockroaches successfully, however many people still struggle to maintain a messy cleaning routine, odors and containing these unruly critters… Just ask our partners!! With improved methods you can breed crickets and cockroaches with less effort, smells and fewer escapees.

The combo pack also includes videos on how to build our “Zega Substrate Cricket Breeding System” which is perfect for private use or small scale commercial production. There are no videos for our Large-Scale Cricket Breeding Method however the book covers this method in detail.

No matter your skill level, our commercial techniques will improve your efficiency and move you well past the “place a bowl of vegetables and toilet roles in a fish tank” stage. For a small one-off investment, you will be armed with numerous techniques that will fast track successful cricket and cockroach breeding. This will save you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in wasteful and painful experimentation. You can now breed all the crickets and cockroaches you desire, guilt free!!

Price for Full Color Paperback version includes worldwide shipping and handling, using the secure Amazon publishing services. We also include complimentary email and video support (Skype or Facebook live). Prices are in US dollars.

If you are not completely satisfied, we have a 100% money back guarantee!