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How to Test My Cricket Farm for Escapees?

Crickets are great escape artists and you may be surprised to learn where they are getting through…is it the lid, the screening or cracks?

Working out where they are getting out is a method of elimination. Below are some tips to help you locate the problem.


• To test if the screening is letting pinheads through, place some pinheads into a tall jar and cover the opening with the mesh you use.

• Use an elastic band to secure the mesh and place it upside down in midair. If they are small enough, the pinheads will normally climb through in a few minutes.

  • A variation to this is to place the jar on its side and leave it overnight with a carrot on the outside to attract the pinheads.

• If you have multiple cricket containers it can be difficult to find out which container is letting crickets out and which ones are secure. To help you work this out, place a suspected container into a large tray or a larger container.

When you come back the next day any escaped crickets will be located in the tray. You can then do the test above to see if it is the screening is the problem. If the screening is not the problem then is may come down to the lid or cracks and holes.

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