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How to breed Cockroaches with Less Effort, Smells and Escapees

For most people, breeding cockroaches as live foods is relatively easy … the hard part is maintaining a messy cleaning routine, preventing odors and containing these unruly critters. Just ask our partners about those rogue critters in the house!! Fortunately new methods have solved these issues.

At WildlifeHub, we have spent over 11 years producing feeder insects to pet stores, wildlife parks and the general public.

We How to Breed Cockroacheswould like to share our experience and show you how to breed cockroaches with much less effort and fuss. New methods have recently come onto the market which greatly reduce the maintenance and effort of breeding cockroaches with; automated food and water dispensers; clever container design; streamlined cleaning systems and many other innovations.

Below we discuss both conventional methods, and more efficient Advanced Cockroach Breeding Methods.

Advanced Cockroach Breeding Methods

A common complaint by reptile keepers is they spend more time looking after their insects than their reptiles. Here we discuss new low maintenance systems have solved many of the problems associated with breeding cockroaches using conventional methods.

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Conventional Cockroach Breeding Methods

On our Conventional Cockroach Breeding page, we discuss conventional methods that have been commonly used to breed cockroaches over the last few decades.

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