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Cockroach Breeding- FAQs If you have questions about breeding cockroaches as feeder insects…we have answers.

After more than 12 years of breeding cockroaches, crickets and mealworms for both private and commercial production, we have learnt how to reduce maintenance, minimize mess and avoid common mistakes.

How to Breed Cockroaches

How do I get my free Cockroach Breeding Training course?
What Cockroach breeding method should I choose?
How do I breed cockroaches using low maintenance methods?
How to breed cockroaches using Conventional methods
Should I breed crickets or cockroaches or both?
Books and videos to breed Cockroaches
How Many Cockroaches can I produce

Cockroach Husbandry

How to breed cockroaches for live food
Cockroach Housing
Feeding Cockroaches
Heating Cockroaches
Humidity for Cockroaches
Books and videos to breed Cockroaches

Nuisance Issues for Cockroaches

Why are my cockroaches dying?
How do I breed cockroaches with less mess, escapees and effort?

Feeding Bearded Dragons and Reptiles

How Many cockroaches can I breed for my Bearded dragon or reptile?
How often should I feed my bearded dragon feeder insects?
How do I provide a balanced diet for my bearded dragon?
How to gut load and dust cockroaches

Breeding Feeder Insects for Profit

How Many Cockroaches can I produce
How many Crickets can I produce
What to Consider when Breeding Feeder Insects for profit (this article is coming soon)

If there is a question we haven’t covered, please send us your question through to our Contact Us page. We are more than happy to do a free Skype training session to answer your question directly and show you our methods with book photos and videos.

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