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Stopping Cricket Escapees

How To Stop Crickets from EscapingCrickets are great escape artists and can cause a number of issues for you and your animals. Not only can they keep you up at night, they can eat the limbs of your lizards, create hygiene issues in your reptile enclosure and cost you money.

At birth, baby crickets (pinheads) are tiny, measuring only 0.079 inches long by 0.019 wide or less. (2.0mm long -0.5 wide mm). This enables them to get through most screens, cracks and holes in your cricket farm or reptile enclosure. Remember the limiting factor for stopping crickets is their width not their length.

Below we discuss the four most common ways crickets escape and how to avoid this:

1) How to Stop Cricket Escaping from my Reptile Enclosure
2) How to Stop Crickets Escaping from my Cricket Farm
3) How to Test my Cricket Farm for Escapees
4) How to Remove Crickets from my Home



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