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Learn the Secrets to Eliminating Cricket Smells

You walk into the garage, and it hits you like a sledge hammer….that putrid smell again!! How on earth can such a little insect make such a big smell…and more importantly how can I get rid of it!!! Well it is easier than you think!. When you choose the right breeding method and a low maintenance cleaning strategy your odors will vaporize…quiet literally.

Let’s take a look at why the smell is there in the first place, and how to get rid of it.

Why does it Smell??

Why Do My Crickets Smell?You see the formula for cricket smell is very simple…POO + MOISTURE = SMELL. You may be surprised to know that dry cricket poo does not smell. The real culprit is fermentation which occurs when cricket poo makes contact with moisture. If you separate the two, your smells will disappear. Your container has a number of water sources which contribute to moisture including; breeding trays, water and wet foods. Then the vinegar flies start to lay their eggs to eat the fermenting soup and maggots appear…now that’s when it gets nasty.

Traditional cricket breeding methods rely on having cartons stacked on top of each other at one end for housing, and a breeding tray (with moist substrate) for egg laying at the other end. As the poo from the crickets falls down, it makes contact with the wet sources which results in the smells. Placing your cartons vertically and not horizontally will prevent poo from collecting in the cartons and the need to shake them daily, however it simply moves the poo to the bottom.

As you can see these old breeding methods are predisposed to making smells, which means you need to undertake regular and constant maintenance to keep them under control. So what can we do about it??

How to Stop Crickets Smelling


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